• Fujifilm X-T3 Zilver + XF 18-55mm OIS + Peter Hadley Monza 200 + Sandisk SDHC Extreme 32GB 90MB/s UHS-I U3 V30 geheugenkaart + Jupio – Fuji NP-W126S oplaadbare accu
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  • Fujifilm X-T3 Zilver + XF 18-55mm OIS + Peter Hadley Monza 200 + Jupio – Fuji NP-W126S oplaadbare accu
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  • Fujifilm X-T3 Zilver + XF 18-55mm OIS + Sandisk SDHC Extreme 32GB 90MB/s UHS-I U3 V30 geheugenkaart + Jupio – Fuji NP-W126S oplaadbare accu
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  • Fujifilm X-T3 Zilver + XF 18-55mm OIS + Peter Hadley Monza 200 + Sandisk SDHC Extreme 32GB 90MB/s UHS-I U3 V30 geheugenkaart
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  • Fujifilm X-T3 Zilver + XF 18-55mm OIS + Jupio – Fuji NP-W126S oplaadbare accu
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  • Fujifilm X-T3 Zilver + XF 18-55mm OIS + Peter Hadley Monza 200
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  • Fujifilm X-T3 Zilver + XF 18-55mm OIS + Sandisk SDHC Extreme 32GB 90MB/s UHS-I U3 V30 geheugenkaart
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Product Informatie

  • New X-Trans™* CMOS 4 & X-Processor 4
  • New Phase detection AF to entire frame
  • New Up to 30 fps** black-out free high-speed continuous shooting
  • New Sports finder mode
  • New Monochrome Adjustment
  • New Color Chrome Effect
  • New 4K/60P 10 bit recording
  • Weather resistant structure

X-Trans™* CMOS 4 Sensor

The First X Series model featuring a new back-illuminated sensor

The FUJIFILM X-T3 features a newly-developed back-illuminated “X-Trans* CMOS 4” sensor, the fourth generation to feature in the X Series. Boasting a resolution of 26.1MP, the sensor uses a unique color filter array, synonymous to X-Trans CMOS sensors, to control moiré and false color without the use of an optical low-pass filter. Its back-illuminated structure enhances image quality while maintaining a high S/N ratio. Furthermore, ISO160, previously available only as extended ISO, is now part of the normal ISO range, allowing you to achieve incredibly clean, noise free images.

X-Processor 4

The brain that utilizes the full potential of the X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor

The FUJIFILM X-T3 uses the X-Processor 4, an evolved version of X Series’ image processing engine that boasts advanced processing capabilities. The new processor, combined with a new algorithm, enhances the Film Simulation modes, substantially improving the camera’s ability to track moving subjects, boosts AF’s speed and accuracy, and allows for a more diverse range of video functions. It maximizes the full potential of X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor to deliver the highest performance in all aspects in the history of X Series.

Large EVF means you’ll never lose sight of your subject

The FUJIFILM X-T3 features a 3.69-million-dot high resolution EVF with a high magnification ratio of 0.75x. The display time lag of just 0.005 seconds and refresh rate of approx. 100fps* ensure smooth display and allows you to precisely identify subject movements and focus positions.

Blackout-free high-speed continuous shooting of up to 30 fps with AF/AE tracking

Increased read speed from the sensor and the new high-speed processor have made it possible to have AF/AE-tracking, blackout-free continuous shooting of up to 30 fps** in approx. 16.6M (1.25x crop) mode using the electronic shutter, while maintaining a smooth Live View of 60fps to track your subject. The rolling shutter distortion, a typical issue for electronic shutters, has been halved compared to the previous generation.

Sports finder mode for enhanced shooting

1.25x cropped frame

The “Sports finder mode” makes it even easier to capture moving subjects. The new mode marks a cropped area in the viewfinder and shoots at approx. 16.6M (1.25x crop). This is particularly useful for sports and wildlife photography, as you can check the movements of a subject just outside the shooting frame and take advantage of shorter-than-usual blackout time as compared with the mechanical shutter.

Film Simulation modes for a variety of color tones and gradations

The FUJIFILM X-T3 offers 16 Film Simulation modes so that you can match your true photographic intention in a similar way to how photographers used to choose purpose-specific photographic films. This unique philosophy reflects Fujifilm’s heritage and color science know-how, nurtured by over 80 years of film manufacturing.





PRO Neg.Hi

PRO Neg.Std




Cutting-edge monochrome expression for the digital age

The FUJIFILM X-T3 offers the new “monochrome adjustment” function to faithfully reproduce warm and cool tones which were conventionally achieved using specific photographic papers and developers. This function, available in the standard “Monochrome” as well as the “ACROS” mode, provide smooth halftones, deep blacks, and beautiful textures to broaden the scope of monochrome expression.

ACROS cool


ACROS warm

Color Chrome effect for high saturation subjects

Color Chrome Effect OFF

Color Chrome Effect ON

This effect produces deeper colors and gradation in subjects with highly saturated colors present in vivid and shaded flowers, which are notorious

Fast and accurate phase detection AF across the frame

The FUJIFILM X-T3’s sensor has increased the phase detection AF area to the entire frame (approx. 100%) with 2.16M phase detection pixels. The low-light AF sensitivity has also been extended from -1EV to -3EV, enabling high-speed AF in even lower light conditions, like a scene lit only with candlelight.

Enhanced AF processing for moving subject

The X-Processor 4’s high processing speed and improved phase detection algorithm means the camera refocuses (AF) and meters (AE) about 1.5 times more frequently than current models to improve autofocus even when shooting sports involving fast and erratic movements across the frame.

Substantially improved performance with face- and eye-detection AF

The performance of face-detection AF on a moving person has been doubled. The eye-detection AF works in AF-C mode, maintaining accurate focus-tracking with portraits. It focuses precisely when shooting people from the front or side.

Movie Recording

4K/60P 10bit HDMI output and internal SD card recording

The FUJIFILM X-T3 is our first model that features 4K/60P 4:2:2 10bit HDMI output and 4K/60P 4:2:0 10bit internal SD card recording. Supported video formats include the widely-used H.264/MPEG-4 AVC as well as H.265/HEVC for greater data compression. This enables 200Mbps bitrate recording when shooting 4K/60P 4:2:0 10bit. Video compression options available are ALL-Intra* and Long GOP. When using ALL-Intra*, video is recorded at 400Mbps**.

Enhanced ISO performance for a wider scope of video expressions

The introduction of a new noise reduction process and new “4K interframe NR” function have reduced noise at ISO12800 by the equivalent of approx. 2 stops. The NR process has a greater level of noise-identifying accuracy for appropriate denoising performance. The 4K interframe NR function uses differential data between adjacent frames to reduce noise even further. Furthermore, the minimum sensitivity for shooting F-Log and with the setting of DR400% footage has been extended from ISO800 to ISO640.

Further expansion of video functions with firmware update

Available at the end of 2018 via firmware update, the FUJIFILM X-T3 will support video recording in the Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), one of the formats defined in the ITU-R BT.2100 international standards. In response to user feedback, the firmware update will also allow the FUJIFILM X-T3 to simultaneously output Film Simulation and F-Log footage, further expanding its video functions.

Greater freedom of gradations with 10bit color depth

The FUJIFILM X-T3’s 10bit color depth has 64 times the color information versus an 8bit depth system. With the wide dynamic range of 400% (approx. 12 stops), it enables gradation-rich video recording when applying “ETERNA”, characterized by subdued color and rich shadow tones, or “F-Log,” which is a gamma curve option with an even wider dynamic range.

Simultaneous output of 4K HDMI and internal SD card recording

The FUJIFILM X-T3 supports 4K/60P 4:2:2 10bit HDMI output and 4K/60P 4:2:0 10bit internal SD card recording simultaneously. This allows you to take backup video or conduct 4K/60P internal SD card recording while monitoring 4K/60P footage. Also, the sensor’s read speed is about 1.5 times faster than current models, which enables fast 17msec reading of 4K/60P video. The rolling shutter distortion has been reduced for even smoother filming of fast-moving subjects.

Design inherits FUJIFILM X-T2’s philosophy

The FUJIFILM X-T3 inherits FUJIFILM X-T2’s popular design features such as the positioning of dials on the top panel, central viewfinder style for added sense of stability, and excellent grip design for comfort.

Silver as standard color

The silver color is lineup as standard, which features more classical tone compared with graphite silver, limited edition for previous models. Its styling that reminds you of traditional film cameras is combined with outstanding practicality, making it photographic equipment that is a pleasure to own for many years to come.

Lockable EVF’s diopter adjustment dial

EVF’s diopter adjustment is lockable achieved by pulling out and rotating a diopter knob, so as to prevent unintended adjustments while carrying the camera.

Touchscreen panel tilts in 3 directions

The FUJIFILM X-T3 uses a touchscreen panel with higher contrast, wider viewing angle and better operability than those in previous models to enable intuitive operation.

Improved dials and buttons

The FUJIFILM X-T3 inherits FUJIFILM X-H1’s features such as large top-panel dials / rear-panel buttons and comfortable clicking touch of front and rear command dials.

Terminal with high expandability

A headphone jack is provided on the camera body so that all accessories required for video recording, such as microphone and HDMI devices can be centrally connected to the body for added mobility in videography.
Also, the terminal cover is removable, and USB terminal supports USB-Type C (USB3.1 Gen1) specification.

Standaard Specificaties

Merk Fujifilm
Kleur Zilver
Wisselbare Lensen
Vlog Camera

Uitgebreide Specificaties

Processor X-Processor 4
Zelfontspanner 2 of 10s
Gebruiks temperatuur (min) -10°C
Gebruiks temperatuur (max) 40°C
Inclusief Objectief
Objectief Aansluiting Fujifilm X
Sensor APS-C
Sensor Technologie X-Trans CMOS IV
Sensor Afmeting 23.5 x 15.6mm
Crop Factor 1.5x
Resolutie in pixels 6240 x 4160 pixels
Lichtgevoeligheid ( ISO ) 160 – 51200
Auto ISO
Beelden per Seconde 20
Aantal Megapixels 26.1 megapixel
Automatische Sensor Reiniging
Auto Focus
Auto Focus Punten 425
Zones belichtingsmeter 256
Kortste Sluitertijd 1/32000s Electronisch
1/8000s mechanisch
Langste Sluitertijd 30s
Bulb optie
X-Sync snelheid 1/250s
Belichtings Compensatie =+/-5 EV in stappen van 1/3 EV
Belichtings Meting Multi, spot, gemiddeld en centrum gewogen
Handmatige Belichting
Viewfinder Elektronisch
Viewfinder Vergroting 0.75x
Viewfinder Beeldveld 100%
Dioptrisch correctie bereik -4 tot +2m
Display TFT LCD
Display Formaat 3.0″
Live View
Display Resolutie 1040000 pixels
Display Type Kantelbaar
Interne flitser
Hot Shoe
Video Resolutie 4096 x 2160 pixels
Video compressie methode MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265
Frame rate ( frames per seconde ) 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 24p, 23.98p
Video Formaten Mov
Microfoon Intern stereo
Optische Zoom 3x
Brandpuntafstand 18-55mm
Audio / Video
Accu Type NP-W126S
Accu Soort Lithium-ion
Aantal foto's met orginele accu ca. 390 foto’s
Accu Lader BC-W126S lader
Vermogen Accu 1260mAh
Geheugenkaart Type Secure Digital ( SD )
Aantal geheugenkaart ingangen 2


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